Windows Vista Performance and Reliability Tools screencast

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If you haven't had a chance to look at Windows Vista and it's instrumentation, eventing and monitoring toolset's, you really should grab a copy when the "release candidate" code becomes available.  You'll be pleased with the improvements we've made to the amount of information that is available, and the tools that let you monitor, analyze, and act on that information.

In this screencast, we're going to take a brief drive into the tools that are installed locally on a Windows Vista implementation.  Make sure to checkout some of our webcasts on Systems Management Server (SMS), Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and other enterprise tools to understand how the Windows Vista plumbing can be centrally managed and monitored.

If you visit, you'll see a number of good documents describing the built-in diagnostics for things like resource exhaustion, failing memory or hard drives, and even the failing human.  What?  Yes, you heard me correctly.  We'll tell you when you fail to backup your system.  I really like that feature.  Ninety percent of the people I know never backup their machines.  Hopefully that will begin to change with the new backup nanny.

So how do you tell what's going on in the machine?

Easy.  Go look at my screencast and then start checking out your system.  The Reliability Monitor generates it's report every day.  When you first install Windows Vista, you aren't going to see anything until the following day (on the reliability report).  And don't worry if you go check the next day and the report still isn't there.  It'll do it's thing, so please be patient.  Check your email, pay the bills, buy some stuff, chat with your honey, etc.  Come back in a little while and you'll see the first report.  Maybe if you are lucky, you'll have a perfect 10.

Where else can I get information on Windows Vista reliability and performance?

The link above has some good information, but please read  It's really good.  The Performance Tuning Step-by-Step Guide is ok but looks to be in need of an update.  All of the guides and tuning advice are being updated.  In the meantime I think you'll have some fun exploring some of this on your own, especially when you get a chance to see the next public release.

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You can watch my Windows Vista Performance and Reliability screencast directly from our streaming media server or download and watch the video later on your laptop or podcatcher.  The attachment below is a RSS enclosure for you podsters.  Subscribe to my screencast RSS feed at  "See you" again soon.

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