Alex is Going to MIT

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If you're a follower of Doonesbury, you know that Alex has been wrestling with where to go to college to study engineering. Gary Trudeau decided to let readers vote on for either RPI, MIT or Cornell.

What ensued, in hinfsight, should have been expected. MIT and RPI students both built automated scripts to stuff the ballot box. This created a bunch of work for the Doonesbury webmasters, but in the end the fended off the most egregious ballot stuffing.

Cornell, sadly, was in the middle of finals and wasn't quite as motivated to stoop to unethical means to win the vote (though their alumni office tried to get the word out to alums). For this, Trudeau gave them the Congeniality Award.

But he also had to admit that using various means to stuff the ballot box was not actually prohibited... and these are engineers, and so is Alex. So it seemed like fair game. At the end of the day, MIT got the most votes in, so that's where Alex is headed.

You can read the entire account here.



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