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    Alfred Thompson

    I might place college professor higher than software engineer though. I think that they have a bit more freedom to do what they want. That is especially the case if they have tenure. But I sure did enjoy being a software engineer for a long time.

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    Dennis E. Hamilton

    I knew I might have some sense of regret about pulling out of my M.Sc in IT without completing the dissertation.   Shucks.

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    Bill Crounse, MD

    Yes, and did you also note that physician/surgeon was #30?  Despite making a good income, the nobel profession was deemed too stressful to rank very high on the list.  Stressful professions are usually described as those with huge responsibilities, but little control.  It's comforting to note that lawyers and dentists ranked even lower than doctors.  Visit Health Blog on Channel 10.

    Bill Crounse, MD  Healthcare Industry Director   Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences 

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    Your definition of stress certainly fits any serious software engineer. The list reflects fantasy.        

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