Deleting Online Predators

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    Alfred Thompson

    Kids are unsupervised on the Internet at home a lot more than at school. But of course no one talks about parental responsibility because schools are such an easy target these days. Schools should be teaching Internet safety but parents need to do their part as well.

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    Kevin Schofield

    Alfred: true, but kids are asleep for most of that time.

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    Chris Williams

    Parents need to take a more active role in where the kids go, just like what they watch on tv.  It's not enough to make sure your kids are home by dark anymore... the real danger is sitting in your living room (or in their bedroom, out of sight...)

    I grew up with a computer in my bedroom (and a 300 baud modem) and you can imagine the trouble I got into as a kid. My kids have computers in their bedrooms, with local network access (yeah I'm a geek) but the only computers in the house with internet are in the living room and my office.

    Problem is, most parents aren't as tech savvy as the folks reading this blog. "We" need to educate them. Most parents I've talked to don't even realize how much they DON'T know... and how much their kids DO know.

    My oldest kid lives with her mom and has ZERO supervision online when she's there. She feels like a weekend visitor to Alcatraz when she comes to my house since I won't let her spend 18 hours a day on IM and MySpace.

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