Feature today on tablets in schools

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The main 10 feature story today highlights Forest Ridge School in Bellevue, Washington, which requires all students to have a laptop. Starting this year, they've gone with tablet PCs as the standard model.

Cool video, and interesting discussion.

Both my daughters attend Forest Ridge School. It's an excellent school, with fantastic teachers. I can attest that the kids (and teachers) make excellent use of the tablets.

And just as an aside, one of the teachers in the video, Miss Cantu, taught both of my daughters math for two years and I give her substantial credit for my daughters' love of math. She's fantastic, and I call out attention to her because it's so important that really great, overworked, underappreciated teachers get the recognition they deserve.



The Discussion

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    Richard j Smith

    I think that story was so cool.  I wish we had computers when I was in school.  I can think of tons of things I could of used for tablet PC.

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    Matt S.

    This feature is fantastic!  The law professor from the U of Memphis should take note.  We're talking 5th graders here, and they actually continue to pay attention in class with this so called distraction in front of them.

    I'm a little shocked though that Forest Ridge requires this equipment but forces the parent to pay for it.  I believe if its a reqirement for this school they should be providing the tablets and or laptop computers to the students.  In my opinion.

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