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    Alfred Thompson

    Democratic Education by Amy Gutmann This is one of those books I read to understand people I do not agree with. Amy Gutmann argues for public schools and against private schools. Liberals and hard left proponents of government run schools will love every word. Conservatives, homeschoolers and proponents of private (religious or otherwise) schools will hate a lot of it but this book will force them to think.  
    Catholic Schools and the Common Good by Anthony Bryk, Valerie Lee, and Peter Holland This book was written by a number of public school administrators and takes an open-minded look at what works (and doesn’t work) in Catholic schools. Here you will come to really understand why school reform is hard, that there are no single silver bullets and that common goals and community is a huge factor in school success.

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    Dennis E. Hamilton

    I really like that theme.  It is something I can relate too as something with the potential for action.   

    Aside: So how did you choose school for your daughters? 

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    Kevin Schofield

    That's a long post in and of itself.

    My daughters went to a Montessori school for preschool through 4th grade, and have gone to a private all-girls school for grades 5-12 (well, they're in 9th now, but I feel confident that they will be there until college).

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