Sitting or standing?

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Here’s a neat experiment: a classroom with standing desks, and where students are encouraged to be active.

There are some vague similarities to Montessori preschool activities, which encourage activity and immersion. The teaching staff doesn’t feel that they have enough data to evaluate the experiment yet, but anecdotally they feel that it’s an improvement.

One question though, which has also been leveled at Montessori schools: what happens when the kids are promoted out of this classroom and into a more traditional one? Or into the workforce? Will they be less able to sit still then? Does this represent a potential short-term gain traded off against a longer-term impediment?



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    Alfred Thompson

    I think that a better answer might just be to have more recess time. That probably means a longer school day but the benefits are worth it. Students need to burn off energy. They can sit still when they have had a chance to get the movement out of their systems.

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