Teaching, At All Levels, Is More than a Full-time Job

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    My mother was a teacher and so was my wife's father, and both of them had work to do every night. Over time, if you teach the same course(s) I think it gets better and better as you have much of the prep work done, etc...

    Really though, I do the same ... I work every night to just get my day's work done, and I don't really even have the time to do all the other "work" that I need to do (reading the literature related to my profession, following even just a few blogs to keep track of recent news, writing articles/books). When I didn't have kids it was worse, because it was hard to justify spending any time not spent working...
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    Matthew Mushall

    There has got to be a better way.  My father teaches 2 High school and 2 college courses almost daily.  Almost all his time at home or away from school is spent grading assignments or further research.  I think part of the problem is the number of students per class.  Anything over 25 students is simply too much.  Smaller calsses are easier for the students and the teacher.  I think the system is just overpopulated.

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