The Wrong Response

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    Alfred Thompson

    Controlling students is hard. It is easier, or at least appears easier, to cover things up. Parents do the same thing in a way when they don't teach their children what "no" means. It seems easier to just give in and let kids do what they want than to be consistent and discipline them. Of course in the long run we know that this results in uncontrollable children who get in to more and more trouble. But unlike parents who are parents for life school administrators have kids for a limited time. Perhaps the administrators think that it is easier to cover things up long enough for the students to graduate and become someone else's problem than to actually educate about proper behavior?

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    Matthew Mushall

    Real photography and documenting of what goes on in the education system, particularly among young people should be encouraged!  It seems to me that attempting to cover up the problem is becoming more and more the norm amidst business and government.  It doesn't make any ****ing sence!  Hiding the problem will only enable similar problems to arise with greater frequency and worse consequences.  More effort should be put into correcting the problem and not hiding them.

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