Mashup 101: Virtual Earth Map Control and AJAX (Part I)

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In Part I of this two part screencast, Microsoft Federal Developer Evangelist Marc Schweigert demonstrates the basic concepts used build a mashup application using the Virtual Earth map control and AJAX style programming.  In Part II, we’ll build the same solution using ASP.NET “Atlas.”

This screencast was inspired by various tutorials and walkthroughs from the following:

You can learn more about programming the Virtual Earth map control at  The source code for this screencast is available here.  Don't forget to check out the Federal D&PE blog at




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The Discussion

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    I just noticed this question in the comments section my post about this screencast on our team blog.  I thought it might be valuable to share with those who find this screencast through other means than the blog.

    "I've already worked on this kind of development, and i'm impressed with Visual Studio JavaScript debugging facilities...
    Is it standard with Visual Studio 2005?"

    "Yes.  It's a little known feature of Visual Studio / IE.  It is not enabled by default.  Just go to Tools->Internet Options (in IE).  Then go to the Advanced tab.  Make sure both "Disable Script Debugging" checkboxes are unchecked.  Now set a breakpoint in your JavaScript.  You should now have JavaScript debugging enabled.  It definitely makes JavaScript programming a little more productive Smiley."

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    What software package are you using to capture this vidio?  I am interested in doing this too.

    Steven James
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    Camtasia Studio from TechSmith
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    Great article. Thanks very much.
    Small (but important) typo in the code though:

    xmlhttp.Open("GET", url, true);

    should be"GET", url, true);

    or else it won't work in the fox.

    Thanks again.

    If you have a moment I'm working on the logic to introduce clustering of points server side based on your AJAX code.
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    I can get this program to work fine when I download it onto my laptop and run it. When I upload and run it on the server,  I get a JavaScript Syntax error. Any ideas what I might need to check on?

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    The problem mentioned above was resloved once I changed the server to ASP.NET 2.0.
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    Marc, would love to see if I can use this  BUT   it is set to windows authenication for "marc  .." and i get a build/compile error.  The web config is set to ur user name.  Also,  I am getting a "Microsoft Jscript compilation error:Syntax error .  That is really puzzling.
    Can u help?  Embarassed
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    The Virtual Earth map support has since been taken out of ASP.NET AJAX "Atlas".

    I have an open source Virtual Earth mapping control using ASP.NET AJAX Extensions that I've been working on for awhile now. It's hosted over at CodePlex, so check it out if you're interested.

    PietschSoft.VE - ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth mapping server control

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