Mashup 101: Virtual Earth and ASP.NET Atlas (Part II)

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In Part II of this two part screencast, Microsoft Federal Developer Evangelist Marc Schweigert demonstrates how ASP.NET Atlas abstracts the complexities of AJAX programming and provides a new set of tools to your developer toolbox to build richer, more engaging web user interfaces.  You'll see how much easier it is to build the solution from Part I using ASP.NET Atlas.

This screencast was inspired by various tutorials and walkthroughs from the following:

The source code for this screencast is available here.  Don't forget to check out the Federal D&PE blog at




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    The Discussion

    • coderama
      Very useful walkthrough.

      Is there a way to place a pushpin where you click using Atlas Declarative Syntax like you had in part 1 ?

      Does the Atlas library implement all of Virtual Earth's API ? Is is documented anywhere ?

      Thanks very much.
    • Steven10000

      What software application are you using to record your screencast?


    • richieboy19​80
    • keydet
      Camtasia Studio from TechSmith.
    • keydet

      There isn't any public documentation for the Atlas VE control (that I know of).  I used the JavaScript source code and some samples other folks posted on the web.  Having looked at the source code, I don't believe the Atlas VE control has as much capability as using the JavaScript library from the VE team.  We should see more in future builds.
    • keydet

      I just came across this today...

      You'll see the properties, methods, and events for the control.

    • Bob1
      these demos start with a htm page not an aspx.   Can you comment on that.

    • keydet
      Sure.  The first screencast (part I) starts off with a .htm file because there is nothing ASP.NET specific about the page.  I just use HTML, Javascript, the VE JavaScript control, and XMLHTTP.  Part of the point was to show people that you can build VE solutions even if you aren't an ASP.NET developer.  In part II, I leverage ASP.NET "Atlas" features to build the same thing cleaner/easier.  Hope that answered your question.

    • coderama
      In that case, is it possible, whilst using the Atlas Sys.UI.VirtualEarthMap  object to access the underlying Msn.VE.MapControl for added functionality.

      For example, I would like to display the coordinates where the pointer position is as the mouse is moved around the map. How to do this using Atlas ?
    • Dr. Ning
      Great demo! I tried to add a pushpin wherever you click like you did in part 1. It works fine with ve control v2 but not v3.  When using v3 e.view.latlong.latitude and .longitude give the center of the map regardless where you click. Is there a way to get around the problem?

    • Scottt40
      Great web cast, although you went kind of fast through most of it.  Do you know when they plan to implement the new v3 version into the atlas control.  The Js api works great, and has lookup functions.

      Do you know you can create routes in VE, but is their a mapping control that will enable you to plot distrance travel and overlay that with either a push pin along that route.  I have not been able to find any documentation on it. 

      I would love to use this technique on a Log/Journal I am creating as a motivation tool.  Kids love kewl new things like this and I would love to know how to do this.
    • golfvilla
      I have searched the world over for a simple way to read Latitude and Longitude settings from my SQL Server database, from ASP.NET into JavaScript so I can set point markers in my google map based on the data in the database. Can someone provide a link or links that will show how I can do this? Thanks in advance!
    • CRPietschma​nn

      The only downside is that the Sys.UI.VirtualEarthMap is a Client Side JavaScript object. Where's the Server Side Virtual Earth Control??

      I started one; it's in it's very early stages right now.
      Check it out: ASP.NET Virtual Earth Custom Server Control

    • Deactivated User
      I might be able to help somone with code for AJAX, MS SQL and Virtual Earth. Take a look at my blogpost:

      Best regards

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