Running Reporting Services Reports in Windows Azure

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In this screencast, Marc shows you how to run a SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 report in Windows Azure using the ReportViewer control that ships with Visual Studio 2010.  As an added bonus, he demonstrates using ReportViewer against an OData service through the use of WCF Data Services client libraries and the ObjectDataSource.



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The Discussion

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    Brian Hartman ( just informed me that you have to add a reference to Microsoft.ReportViewer.DataVisualization.dll if you use the chart or gauge visualization. 


    I will update the screencast when my schedule permits...


    Thanks Brian!

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    Video updated!

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    Badal Kotecha

    With Azure 1.2 even excel export is working fine when deployed on Azure environment. Locally its still giving me out of memory exception.
    Thanks for this wonderful screencast. This enables us to meet customers reporting requirement at least with client side SSRS reports which was much needed indeed.
    thanks once again.

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