Simplifying XMLHTTP programming with ASP.NET “Atlas” (part I)

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Microsoft Federal Developer Evangelist Marc Schweigert demonstrates how ASP.NET "Atlas" abstracts the complexities of XMLHTTP programming by allowing you to make web service calls from client script.

The source code for this screencast is available here.  Don't forget to check out the Federal D&PE blog at



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The Discussion

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    I really appreciate the knowledge that your team is passing along to us. Keep up the good work!
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    Excellent, Thanks! How do you get the Javascript methods in the ToolBox?
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    Highlight the js or markup that you want to turn into a "reusable chunk of text," left click and drag it over to the toolbox.  You now have a new toolbox item.  You can then right click the item an rename it to something more memorable.


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    I really enjoyed these two video's. As a Gov't Integrator it's really essential to have you so into this Federal Guy Marc!

    These are really excellent.
    When I saw you debugging in JavaScript, I *HAD* get this working and found this page on how to:

    The essence:
    1. Turn off "Disable script debugging".  In IE go to Tools, Options, Avanced Tab and in the "Browsing" section make sure that "Disable script debugging" is NOT checked.  Accept that change.
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    Hi there,
    Great screencast!
    I have a little problem Smiley
    When I try to call PageMethods.MyFunction() it sais PageMethods is undefined. I'm using the latest Atlas(Ajax).

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