Simplifying XMLHTTP programming with ASP.NET “Atlas” (part I)

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    I really appreciate the knowledge that your team is passing along to us. Keep up the good work!
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    Excellent, Thanks! How do you get the Javascript methods in the ToolBox?
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    Highlight the js or markup that you want to turn into a "reusable chunk of text," left click and drag it over to the toolbox.  You now have a new toolbox item.  You can then right click the item an rename it to something more memorable.


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    I really enjoyed these two video's. As a Gov't Integrator it's really essential to have you so into this Federal Guy Marc!

    These are really excellent.
    When I saw you debugging in JavaScript, I *HAD* get this working and found this page on how to:

    The essence:
    1. Turn off "Disable script debugging".  In IE go to Tools, Options, Avanced Tab and in the "Browsing" section make sure that "Disable script debugging" is NOT checked.  Accept that change.
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    Hi there,
    Great screencast!
    I have a little problem Smiley
    When I try to call PageMethods.MyFunction() it sais PageMethods is undefined. I'm using the latest Atlas(Ajax).

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