Database Object Name Refactoring Using Visual Studio 2005 Database Professional Edition CTP 3

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The Discussion

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    Am I wrong or the column FName was moved to the end of field list after refactoring? If so, I really dislike such kind of behaviour...
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    Demo was good, here are my comments though:

    These changes (the one you demoed) are one of the most basic things. I sincerely doubt they would love to use tools like these for simple changes like "Column Rename"

    In your demo, if you display some COOOOOLLLL features that will WOOOW the customer that would be the selling point.  I know you guys are just doing these as to show new things but the question is "Is this something people really looking for?"

    In SQL 2005 there are so many new features added, if you could DEMO integration of your product with those new tool set, believe me that is what people would look for

    My 2 cents Smiley

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