Kisses and Interrogations

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First post titles are hard. For a split second I thought "There's a New Scoble In Town" had a good ring to it, but I figured Josh would kill me for linkbaiting in my first post. I could have gone with an old standby geek classic like "Hello, World!", but at the end of the day I settled on "Kisses and Interrogations". Why? Because I get to tell a story that lets me drop the fact that I was in a band.

When I was living in Detroit a few years back, we opened for a great little indie band called Judah Johnson. After the show they gave me one of their demo CDs which featured a song called "Kisses and Interrogations." What does that have to do with anything? Well, one key aspect of being a tech evangelist is to try to win the hearts (kisses) and minds (interrogations) of the developer community. Also, I think I'm a typical Microsoftie in the sense that I love my job and my company, but I'm also not afraid to ask a hard question from time to time. Hence the title "Kisses and Interrogations."

Did I mention that I was in a band?

Anyway, on with the introductions. My name is Kevin Leneway and I'm the newest member of the Innovate On team here at Microsoft. I have a personal blog over at where I attempt to post a new Web 2.0 startup idea each day (79 to date!). Josh was nice enough to invite me over here to make an occasional post - think of me as the Nick Gonzalez of I'm a developer by training, I love Michigan football and the TV show Lost, and I still firmly believe that the best artistic work ever created in the history of mankind is the movie Wayne's World.

In closing, I'd like to say greetings and salutations to all you mix visitors out there. I'm definitely looking forward to our upcoming conversations. By the way, if you or someone you know are building out anything cool, feel free to drop me a line at kleneway AT or give me a call: 425.705.1119.

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