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In this video, programming writer, Gordon Hogenson, continues the discussion of patterns by talking about active patterns, which you can use to customize and extend F#’s pattern matching capabilities. Active patterns are an amazingly flexible language feature, and in this video we just scratch the surface of what can be done with them.  You can learn more in the topic: Active Patterns.


Gordon would also like to thank Chris Smith and Brian McNamara, of the F# team, for giving him some ideas for how to use active patterns.  Some similar examples to those in the video are discussed in F# team blog postings, such as in Chris Smith’s blog posting on active patterns.  For those interested in exploring further, you can read a paper on active patterns by Don Syme, James Margetson, and Gregory Nemerov.


Kathleen McGrath
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The Discussion

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    Excellent video!  A good followup would be to show active patterns in use with a real world problem. A walkthrough of the F# Optimization DSL for the Solver Foundation or of the underlying concepts used to build the ODSL would be my request.  We have converted a moderately complex AMPL/CPLEX model to F#/ODSL for testing purposes.  More F# videos would be appreciated!

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