Lists in F#

Play Lists in F#
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In this video, programming writer, Gordon Hogenson explains and gives examples of lists in F#. 

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Kathleen McGrath
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The Discussion

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    I think this is very important content that deserves to be expanded upon. Understanding functional programming is going to be more and more important as programmers face more and more concurrency in their programs (both locally due to cores and on servers due to multiple users). Functional approaches can provide insulation from some of the problems that concurrency cause. 


    However, the pedagogical aspect needs to be improved upon. It was very challenging to complete the video, not because of the content, but because of pacing of the presentation... a pacing perhaps more suited to the written word.

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    Art Scott

    Thanks Gordon and Kathleen.

    I agree, Godeke's "...very important..."

    My interest is in creative visualization using F# and WPF graphics.

    F# lists meets WPF arrays ... shim.

    Are there examples working with F# polygon coordinate lists and than displaying them with WPF?


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