Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 - Updates Planned for Visual Studio 2010 SP1

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Paul O’Rear, a Program Manager on the Library Experience Team, walks us through an early build of Help Viewer 1.1, which will ship with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Help Viewer 1.1 is intended to specifically address many productivity issues raised by customers regarding the Visual Studio 2010 RTM release.

Details on the overall story of how we got to this stage can be found here: The Story of Help in Visual Studio 2010

Details on some of our specific changes for SP1 can be found here: Help Viewer Improvements in SP1

Details of the impact on Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIPs) can be found here: What does this mean for Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIPs)?


Kathleen McGrath
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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    finally .... Big Smile

    IMHO this is the best help from MS for more than ten years, not only a life saver for the 2010RTM disaster, also way better than DExplorer.

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    Mr Crash

    my my, the help system will finally suck less (seems to be popular to do a "vista failure" these days [xp (good performance) -> vista (horrible performance) -> 7 (better then vista but not as good as xp, _real_ performance numbers don't lie)])


    and yes vs2010 help system was a disaster Sad, ew! having to start buggy-slow internet explorer to get to the help text  Crying

    i wonder if they actually did test the help system before releasing it  Perplexed

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    Ian Lindsay

    Looks like a great improvement. Big thumbs up for the sync to TOC feature returning.
    Any comments on how well F1 help will work for C++/CLI? I think this used to be tied into intellisense, but information about the future of intellisense for C++/CLI within SP1 is hazy at best.
    Will there be an alternative mechanism for F1 context that is a bit more accurate than the current mechanism (which looks like a simple text search) if we end up having to wait for intellisense? This is a real productivity issue for us at the moment.

  • User profile image

    @Ian Lindsay:Hello Ian - Thanks for your comments! F1 with C++/CLI is patchy at best. This largely falls with the C++ code editor team - I will follow up with them and try to see what I can find out about any issues they may be addressing for SP1.

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