Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 - Updates Planned for Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Play Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 - Updates Planned for Visual Studio 2010 SP1

The Discussion

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    finally .... Big Smile

    IMHO this is the best help from MS for more than ten years, not only a life saver for the 2010RTM disaster, also way better than DExplorer.

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    Mr Crash

    my my, the help system will finally suck less (seems to be popular to do a "vista failure" these days [xp (good performance) -> vista (horrible performance) -> 7 (better then vista but not as good as xp, _real_ performance numbers don't lie)])


    and yes vs2010 help system was a disaster Sad, ew! having to start buggy-slow internet explorer to get to the help text  Crying

    i wonder if they actually did test the help system before releasing it  Perplexed

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    Ian Lindsay

    Looks like a great improvement. Big thumbs up for the sync to TOC feature returning.
    Any comments on how well F1 help will work for C++/CLI? I think this used to be tied into intellisense, but information about the future of intellisense for C++/CLI within SP1 is hazy at best.
    Will there be an alternative mechanism for F1 context that is a bit more accurate than the current mechanism (which looks like a simple text search) if we end up having to wait for intellisense? This is a real productivity issue for us at the moment.

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    @Ian Lindsay:Hello Ian - Thanks for your comments! F1 with C++/CLI is patchy at best. This largely falls with the C++ code editor team - I will follow up with them and try to see what I can find out about any issues they may be addressing for SP1.

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