Patterns and Match Expressions in F#

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In this video, programming writer, Gordon Hogenson explains and gives examples of patterns in F# and explains the use of the match expression to control branching based on patterns in data. But first, a disclaimer Gordon wanted to make: “Regrettably, I have not been able to retrain myself yet to use the word value instead of variable. In F#, all values are immutable by default, so it’s not really correct to use the term variable, as I do in the video.”   See Part 2 of this video:


You can also learn more in the topics Patterns and Match Expressions.


Kathleen McGrath
Visual Studio User Education



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The Discussion

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    Ok, I'm a great fun of F# as well as IronPython. Besides what he is talking about, i feel his coolness and geeky just because he speaks about F#! Great topic! So cool that he uses glasses!

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    It is great to have some F# videos that are encoded at the higher resolution, so that one can actually see the syntax.  

    Having a language that can be run interactivly really helps with trying to demonstrate basic constructs, when you are trying to teach people how to use it.  

    I thought that this video / interview was well done.

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    Kathleen has produced several high quality pieces for C9. Check it out:

    Thank you Kathleen!!!

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    Thats just the new WPF editor with a Vector based text editor

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    Speaking of patterns and matching, how do you search for "F#" on Channel9?  I get "Search term too small"...


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    Yes I don't like Microsoft naming; it can be hard to search for F#, C#, .NET

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    You can search for "FSharp" and "CSharp".  Videos are also tagged, so that you can easily find all videos created for a certain technology. For example, you can click on the FSharp tag in this post ( for F# videos.

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    Agree. I did never ever see the teacher explaining few lines of code during 20 minutes without saying anything else, than is displayed on the screen.


    During this 20 minutes I learn from the teacher, that _ means "wildcard". Everything else is on the VS screen



    With my regards, Kathy: much appreciate your videos, but in this case one JPG wilth codeshot will say exactly the same, what this 20 minutes movie.


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    david white

    Helpful, but a bit rambling and lacked usage examples (eg for the constructQuery, it would be more instructive to see it used with different input data).

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