TechDays 2010: C# 4.0 and beyond

Play TechDays 2010: C# 4.0 and beyond 

The Discussion

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    Good video, Thank you

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    Good video.

    The person who was recording this session obivously didn't have a clue when to position the camera to show the codes while he was amending or showing the new features. Please can someone teach this amateur!!!! 

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    This is some of the WORST video editing I have seen in a while. It is so hard to follow when we can't see anything in the presentation! I like when the videos are posted with a split view (one side is the talker and the other is the presntation). This give the viewer the choice to look at what they want. Not only is this painful to watch, but it is nauseating to watch the camer constantly move (some may choose not to watch that at all and only look at the presentation, while listening to the speaker).




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    As others have said, great content, TERRIBLE EDITING!!


    Why would we want to see a picture of Anders staring at a screen typing, instead we want to see the screen!!


    Can anybody re-edit this?!

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