TechDays 2010: ORM with ADO.NET Entity Framework in .NET 4.0

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This session will be delivered by Kurt Claeys and Hans Verbeeck. If you are not using Object Relational Mapping yet, you probably should reconsider quickly. The upcoming release of VS2010/.NET 4.0 brings us a new version of ADO.NET Entity Framework. ADO.NET Entity Framework is now an enterprise ready ORM technology combining a great designer for EDM modeling, support for database creation, better integration with stored procedures, an optimized query generator, POCO support, code generation templates and now enables the use of entities in a multi-tier architecture. This session shows you these topics from a practical approach and includes some best practices on ADO.NET Entity Framework.

Speakers : Kurt Claeys, Hans Verbeeck



The Discussion

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    Where can I download the source code?


    My God! Everytime I see a new video I realize I don't know anything about .Net


    How is that all of this has been kept "secret" to the rest of us until know. I feel like I am in the stone age when I realize about my way of writing applications and code



    Carlos Porras (El Salvador)

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