TechDays 2010: Understanding the Model-View-ViewModel pattern

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The Model-View-ViewModel pattern (also called MVVM) is a hot topic in today’s Silverlight and WPF world. This pattern facilitates modern development techniques such as separation of concerns (decoupling), unit testing and test driven development, work with modern tools such as Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend and more. In this session, Laurent (a user and promoter of MVVM since 2006) will introduce this pattern to you with many demos. We will talk about the basic components of a modern Silverlight or WPF application, and of additional helpers that will make your life as a developer much easier.

Speaker : Laurent Bugnion 



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The Discussion

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    Angelo Cook

    how come all of the demos are base upon raw table access and nothing with stored procedures, which 98% of the world works with.

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    Paulo Quicoli


    this presentation is about a "presentation pattern", not about data access..... so, MVVM is not worried about how do you bring data from database......


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    Fantastic introduction
    It covers all the main problems and pieces. I didn't know the light mvvm framework. I like it
    Thanks very much

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    @Angelo Cook: 98% of the world...? Whose world? Definitely not mine. Why would I bother to create an additional layer of complexity that would have to be maintained, if I can achive the same and sometime even better performance, with well designed database.

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