Sweet Tweets Part 1

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This is the first video in a three video series called Sweet Tweets! This is a web application that takes in an input, searches Twitter for tweets or users relating to that query, and sends the content of those tweets to Azure Machine Learning Text Analytics on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to determine sentiment of the content (ex. are the tweets positive or negative). This project was written with Node.js, Express, Angular, and may include MongoDB in the future using Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Online. The web app is hosted on Microsoft Azure and all the code is continuously deployed and available on GitHub here. The live demo is here!


This first part looks into installing Node.js and Visual Studio Code as well as getting the project initialized with a package.json and including the necessary npm packages (Request, Twitter, Express, and Mongoose) in the project. By the end of this video, a fully functioning, locally running, web app will be created. 



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