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An Informal Identity Update

With the growing interest in "cloud computing", the subject of Identity is
moving into the limelight. Kim Cameron is a legend in the identity architecture
and engineering space. He is currently the chief architect for Microsoft's
identity platform and a key contributor to the field at large.

Traditionally, the identity stops at the edge of a domain - it works within a
closed boundary and that's it. If all your computing resources are local, then
they can be within that boundary, and all is fine.

However, as you move into a world where we want to take advantage of
resources and services within the cloud - we don't control aspects of this - so
we need identity that can reach beyond the edge of our own domain. Kim talks
about how they create an infrastructure that allows claims to be made both
within and outside of the domain, and be shared between them. He will also begin
a conversation about the future of Microsoft’s directory

by Kim Cameron



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