Dive into the Summer for Architects - Introduction into the Windows Azure Platform

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Architect Summer Campaign - Introduction into the Windows Azure Platform

Summer's here and for the most of us this is the time we take that well-deserved rest and stand back a little from
the daily grind. It's also a time for some reflection, a time to think about the things that we would like to do during the next couple of months. 
This is why we will be serving you up with such a refreshing cocktail of new things to enjoy in 4 special issues of the Architect newsletter.

The second topic of this summer edition lets you dive into the Windows Azure Platform.

Explore and dive into  the Windows Azure Platform: Focus on the application, not the infrastructure.

The Windows Azure platform is an Internet-scale cloud computing services platform hosted in Microsoft data centres.

The Windows Azure platform provides architects with an Internet-scale hosting environment with a runtime execution environment for managed and unmanaged code. With geographically distributed data centres, Windows Azure compute provides architects with the functionality to build, host and manage complete and compelling applications across the world.

Are you ready to explore the Windows Azure Platform? Take a look at our website and browse through a handpicked choice of articles, white papers and videos explaining what the Windows Azure Platform has to offer.

Speaker : Bart Vande Ghinste

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