Dive into the Summer with MSDN - Introduction into HTML 5

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MSDN Summer Campaign - HTML5

HTML5 has become quite a buzzword lately. You might be asking yourself, should you care? Should you learn it? If you are involved with front-end applications and websites, we absolutely think you should.

Take advantage of this special about HTML5 to dive a little deeper into one of the hot topics of the moment during the summer months. We have information geared to fit in with your busy schedule. Only have 30 minutes or half a day to
spare? Choose from the basics through to the best tools and resources for getting to know this important front-end technology like the back of your hand.

HTML5 is the third topic that we're diving into this summer. You can expect one last topic by mid-August on the Windows Azure Platform.

So keep an eye on your mailbox and dive in this summer with MSDN!

Speaker : Katrien De Graeve

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