Dive into the summer with MSDN : Introduction into the Windows Azure Platform

Play Dive into the summer with MSDN : Introduction into the Windows Azure Platform
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MSDN Summer Campaign : The Windows Azure Platform

The holidays are just about to end, but there's still time to boost your knowledge or learn something totally new.

During these two weeks we'll be giving the fourth and final topic of these MSDN summer issues their place in the sun, namely the Windows Azure Platform. Click through and you'll find all the best material about the Windows Azure Platform, presented based on the amount of time you want to spend on it.

You'll see that you can learn a whole lot in even half an hour and that in half a day or more, you can have your first Cloud application up and running online.
Cloud Computing blows away the clouds surrounding application development, so
be sure to take a look at what's in it for you. We're already convinced!

Speaker : Katrien De Graeve

Other interesting Summer Campaigns :

-For IT Professionals : Virtualisation(Part 1), Desktop Deployment,Virtualisation (Part 2), Best of TechDays 2011

-For Architects : Cloud Power, the Windows Azure Platform, Cloud Patterns and Practices, Windows Azure Interoperability

-For Independant Software Vendors : Leveraging the Cloud, Unlocking your Data, Mobility Scenarios, Leveraging the Web




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