TechDays 2010 : Making TDD work using Visual Studio 2010

Play TechDays 2010 : Making TDD work using Visual Studio 2010

The Discussion

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    I don't see where TDD with VS2010 is covered. He's just 'trying' to apply TDD on any development. Normally I would applaud this, but he isn't even doing it right. He implements some optimization before he 'knows' he needs it). Furthermore, he claims that BDD and TDD are the same thing....

    Also check the video from 1h10m to listen to his useless information about how TDD has to be done on complex projects -> OOP :O.

    This was the worst presentation that I saw during TechdaysBelux2010.

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    Jonas Eriksson

    I like the presentation as a introduction to TDD. Bart is clear and has a nice pace.

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