Touch User Experiences : Multi-touch Application Showcase 'The Story of Phebus'

Play Touch User Experiences : Multi-touch Application Showcase 'The Story of Phebus'

The Discussion

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    I enjoyed this real-life example of a full-fledged touch app.  I had these thoughts that I want to respectfully share.

    First, I disagree with the comment (at about 15:00 into the video) that a user manual is an indicator of a poorly-designed app.  The ability to figure out how to use an app involves a mixture of intelligence, experience, learning style, level of interest, purpose, age, visual acuity, dexterity,  usage frequency and supported opportunities for learning, practice, experience, testing and improvement.  Users vary greatly on these points.  In fact even different designers would design this app differently, and each one might well be flummoxed by the others' designs without a tutorial and reference.  Given the safety issues in any clinical setting, proper training, testing and reference materials are critical.

    Second, the interface on this app seems very busy, and the color scheme left much to be desired.

    Third, I think that the performance issues are best addressed by reducing the amount of information displayed in any screen.

    Thanks and good luck! 

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