Touch User Experiences : User Experience Design Patterns for multi-touch devices

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The Discussion

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    Great insights into the touch user interface, experience and friendliness. Interesting annotations at minutes:
    2:56 touch experience is everywhere
    4:00 characteristics of the touch user experience (natural, engaging, human, intuitive, convenient)
    5:46 touch interaction (gesture, manipulation, multitouch)
    8::42 Flavours of touch
    11:02 Design principles for touch interface
    12:30 General Touch Rules (Responsive, Consistent, Forgiving)
    15:22 typical design problems (controls, gestures, hover)
    15:48 tapping design
    17:50 know the user (fingernails challenge for touch)
    19:30 control location
    21:40 Text Controls (text input and selection)
    25:30 Direct Access
    27:00 Gestures, are not known by users
    30:40 Hover issue
    32:13 Mobile use

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