CeBIT '08 - Smart Projecting & Facial Recognition

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At CeBIT a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to talk with two German startup companies that were there to present their innovative products. 

Benjamin Fritsch from VIOSO filled me in on their Smartprojecting product that makes it possible to adapt any projection and show it on any surface.  The Smartprojecting system consists of a camera, a computer and a projector and the correction of the content is done right before it is projected.  The geometric and color distortions as they would appear with normal projection can be dramatically reduced and the correction works pixel accurate.

Andreas Wiratanaya from CanControls showed me their facial recognition wheelchair with a video-based facial expression controller.  CanControls specializes in digital image processing for advanced man-machine interaction.  The wheelchair software analyzes the facial expressions and gestures of the driver and can be controlled by actions such as blinking, tilting of the head or opening of the mouth.

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CanControls German Video…




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