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Back in October, the European Microsoft Innovation Center celebrated its 5th anniversary with a reception at its offices in Aachen, Germany.  In addition to enjoying the party atmosphere, researchers were on hand to demo some of their current project.  I had my camera with me and made a video of two of the demos.

The first demo is shown by Marcel Tilly, Program Manager at EMIC.  He demonstrates a feature that was added to Microsoft Popfly called the alternative block.  Popfly is an online tool to build mashups, games, web applications and websites.  In Popfly, services and data are represented as blocks and to create a mashup you just combine the blocks. The alternative block that the EMIC researchers created recommends alternatives for other blocks that could be used in a mashup.

The second demo has to do with sensor networks and is being performed by Andreas Lachenmann, EMIC Software Design Engineer.  The EMIC team built a framework for sensor networks to program the sensor nodes.  Andreas shows us how they integrated it into Powerpoint and what the acceleration, light and pressure sensor nodes do to the program.

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