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Last week I was in Brussels for the 4th EU Innovation Day where government leaders, academic and industry stakeholders, and the media were given a sneak preview of the technologies of tomorrow.
The event showcased many exciting technologies from the consumer perspective from newly developed prototypes in their early development stage to technologies of the future. 

While the event is an important policy forum to exchange ideas and have an open debate, I have to admit that I was there to check out the cool technologies of today and tomorrow. I took my video camera with me and taped many exciting demos. Unfortunately, I had a bit of bad luck that day and the audio on the camera wasn't set properly. I have tried to clean up the sound the best I could, but unfortunately it isn't as good as I had hoped.  However, the demos are so interesting that I figured it was still worthwhile to post them.

A handful of partners that collaborate with Microsoft were on hand at the Innovation Day to demo their products. One of those partners was SMART Technologies Inc. I spoke with Rahim Habib, International Channel Manager, and he showed me their interactive whiteboard that has a large, touch-controlled screen that works with a projector and a computer. The projector displays the computer's desktop image onto the interactive whiteboard that acts as both a monitor and an input device. Users can write on the interactive whiteboard with “digital ink” or use their fingers to control the computer.



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