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by Tabbles.net

In this "hello world" tutorial I am going to show you how to write a WPF application in F#.

The application will display a simple window containing one TextBlock and one Button. When you click the Button, the text in the TextBlock will change.

Since neither Visual Studio nor Blend are capable of producing f# code, we are not going to use any visual GUI editor, otherwise we would have to create two projects in Visual Studio, one in C# for the UI, and one in F# for the logic, which would make things more complicated for a hello world tutorial


DPEDK, VS2010dk



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The Discussion

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    Pretty good, but two problems...


    1. You rushed past the change "w.Content <- sp" at 5:30, and I missed it first 5 times I watched the video. (which is how many times I watched it, trying to work out why my program didn't work) Having a download of the code would have been VERY helpful.


    2. I coudn't get it to work as an application in VS 2010. I had to use the interpreter (fsi).


    Thanks. At least it's working now! Smiley

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