Pumping Iron: Dynamic Languages on .NET

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As is commonly known, Microsoft is developing IronPython and IronRuby, .NET implementations of the popular open-source programming languages Python and Ruby.

While it is clear that Microsoft wants to attract existing Python and Ruby developers to .NET, the role of IronPython and IronRuby for existing .NET developers is less clear. What value is there for a .NET developer in learning IronPython? What are the tradeoffs between IronRuby and a more traditional .NET language like C# or VB? Harry Pierson, new PM for IronPython, will discuss where dynamic . languages fit in the.NET developers toolbox.

To learn more about IronPython visit the IronPython project page on Codeplex or Harry’s blog, he is writing quite a bit on that IronPython topic Wink

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The Discussion

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    Excellent presentation! It is very exciting to see the push for dynamic languages being included in the .NET ecosystem.  I really wish that Visual Studio had full support for IronPython. The IronPython Studio project was nice, but it did run on V1.1 so it was quite out dated. I am optimistic about the new IronPython Studio example being included in the Visual Studio 2010 SDK, but it would be a shame if a 3rd party ended up beating Microsoft at creating the best IronPython IDE  Tongue Out


    Keep up the great work!

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    The slides link doesn't seem to work.

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    i totally agree Smiley i'd love to get out of netbeans for our RoR app, and ive figured we sould use iron ruby instead. but the tool chain is at the very best, inobvious Sad


    what i want to be able to do is go, File > new project > ironpython/ruby Smiley

    it seems like you put in so much hard work that will go unnoticed by many because its not visible from vs.. and what about debugging and such?


    perhaps this will change in vs2010 because its more easily extensible, but better vs support is really needed Smiley



    someone asks about vs integration at the end of the video, an sdk sample is.. well.. ok.. but its a far cry from whats needed Smiley we need full support like ther is for c# anc vb and f#.. if vs is as extensible as they say, this should not be a huge project Smiley

    without vs support iron python/ruby is little more than an academic toy in my book Sad

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    Then click the Pumping Iron (MDCC) document to get to the page with the Download link. SkyDrive URL's suck for sharing.

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    Point taken! the skydrive url’s are probably not the best for sharing.

    If it’s still not working you can grab the slides from this url instead: http://diku.dk/begivenheder/DIKUtalks/diku_talk_1/Pumping_Iron.pdf/

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    I totally agree! We don’t have a great tooling story to tell in Visual Studio!
    But fortunately you can change and influence on that, by giving your vote too exactly that feature request on Microsoft Connect!

    Want to see IronPython support in a future version of Visual Studio?

    (Link taken from ironpython.codeplex.com)

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    It is not that it sucks. You could have used the HTML Source editor and pasted the HTML embed code from the skydrive page. But apparently it does not work on Channel 9. It does work with blogs though.

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