Teaching programming language concepts with F#, part 1

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Teaching programming language concepts with F#, part 1

By Peter Sestoft, Professor IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

In this first part, Peter introduces the curriculum, lecture plan and lecture notes for the course "Programs as data" that uses the functional programming concepts in F# to teach students language concepts and implementation details.

Peter also begins on the first lecture (continued in the  second part, found here:https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/martinesmann/Teaching-programming-language-concepts-with-F-part-2/).

Peter Sestoft at ITU.dk: http://www.itu.dk/people/sestoft

Lecture notes and other downloads: http://www.itu.dk/courses/BPRD/E2010/



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The Discussion

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    nice one, thank you Smiley

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     What good timing, I'm taking a Programming Languages course this semester.  Smiley

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    Thanks to the Danish DPE folks for providing this excellent lecture series. Peter is great.


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    Excellent, C5 guy is at it again, what a treat!

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    Thanks for your great comments and positive feedback Smiley

    Have any of you downloaded the “lecture notes” (it’s actually closer to being a book) and what did you think of it?


    Should I ask Peter to do one more lecture?

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    Yes. It woul be great to have all his lectures available online.

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    Andrea D'Intino

    Good stuff guys - thanks!

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    is there hq video available? Otherwise great stuff!

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    Awesomeness! More Lectures please.

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    The overview of the programming languages is missing Scala.

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    Thanks for all the positive feedback.  Unfortunately, the rest of the lectures are given in Danish and for that reason are not recorded, since the potential audience is kind of small...  But maybe we should rectify that in the future.  But note that the lecture slides and the 350 page lecture notes are available (in English) from the course website, linked by Martin's original post.  

    Re Scala: yes it is missing from the video's version of the slides, but included in the actual course lecture on 30 August (see course website).  Approximately 1700 other languages are missing, including Self, Javascript, Clojure and other dynamic ones, which I'll include in the future.  / Peter

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