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ASP.NET MVC 2: Basics, Introduction by Scott Hanselman

1 hour, 13 minutes, 14 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Join Scott Hanselman as he explains ASP.NET MVC from File -> New Project. We’ll dig into the details and try to put MVC into perspective. Is WebForms going away? What’s better about MVC vs. WebForms? How does MVC sit on top of ASP.NET and how was it written? We’ll play with call stacks, and avoid PowerPoint slides! This is an introduction to ASP.NET, but it’s not a “basic” session. We assume you have some web development concepts or perhaps you’re a professional ASP.NET WebForms developers who is just starting out with ASP.NET MVC.


This session is presented by Scott Hanselman during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands.


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  • Thans Scott, That was awesome

  • Awesome, I just hated Forms the last time I checked and sticked to Silverlight, now I can see a way where SL and ASP.net Views can live together peacefully and that's MVC, MVC is to Forms as WPF is to WinForms Smiley sort of

  • Sreejith S S Nairsreejithssn​air code to live

    spade is alway spade. well done.

  • Excellent presentation, 


    When are the rest coming ?

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Tags are useful for finding related content Smiley




  • One of the coolest demos i have ever seen.

    Well presented ,

    Thanks Scott !

  • Ahmed ElbazAhmed Elbaz Ahmed Elbaz

    Really Cool

  • Dwain BunkerLuckySword LuckySword

    Thanks for this vid, I'm going to use it to introduce others to ASP.NET MVC!

  • i see this video (obviously) and the ninja one, but I don't see fritz's "convert web forms to mvc" video up yet - his asp.net ajax 4.0 talk is up, though.  Any ETA on the 'convert' video?



  • That session wasn't taped unfortunately. We only had video equipmant in 4 rooms.

  • ouch - happen to know if he's done the talk elsewhere that's been recorded and/or if material from the talk is available?


  • How about updating the player to use pinned full screen? Would make watching these a lot easier while staying productive.

  • I would love that too. let me ask the C9 team when this is going to happen (SL4 is only released for a short time)

  • Scott!! YOU are the best Smiley

    Thank you Channel 9 Big Smile

  • Scott is great at giving presentations! Very entertaining and informative.

  • Eric T. NielsenE Eric

    This was a terrific presentation on MVC.  A lot of cool ways of looking at the various components.

  • all I know is that notepad is now pinned to my taskbar strictly for "stop the reboot" purposes. Smiley  Thanks for the tip, Scott!

  • If anyone is interested, here is the URL for the remote debugger... note, just create a new mvc project and add the DLL, the test project didn't work for me in vs2k10/4 http://haacked.com/archive/2008/03/13/url-routing-debugger.aspx


  • Great post Scott.


    However I'm having some trouble downloading it. I've tired 3 times to download the WMV file and it only brings down the first 30-40mins each time... Am I being an idiot or is it not possible to download the entire video?



  • Is there any media like this but vb.net ?

  • Thank you very much for the great introduction Scott, I hope you continue teaching in this manner!


    Very Much!!

  • Julio Makdisse Saitosaitodisse Julio Saito (saitodisse)

    I loved when you explained the secrets of Regular Expressions. I think this was the only joke that works, lol.

    Great presentation.

  • Fantastic video Scott.  I have read Sanderson's MVC book, watched every video tutorial I could find and I just couldn't get my mind around MVC.  I saw things about it that I really liked, but it never really "clicked" for me - until now.  Anyone frustrated with really starting to understand MVC, should start here.




  • That's a Wonderful presentation.

  • nice! thx a lot!

  • I'm having the same trouble... first I thought it was something with mine connection but I even tried to use download manager and still it stops in the middle. People PLZ help!  Maybe someone could post it on some torrent that it would be available for everybody to download with no problems ?

  • Aaqib InamAaqib Inam Aaqib Inam


  • What's the text editor he used at the beginning of the talk. I'd like to get a copy.

  • That was really nice and deep intro! Great, very great Mr. Scott! By d way I had to stop for about 10 minutes when I got to 37:23 - lol! You can talk with hours and hours and I cant get bored listening to you. Smiley

  • i'd love to watch your video scott, but an "Install Microsoft Silverlight" button appears as a prerequisite. I install, then it tells me I already have the latest version. Repeat. Suggestions?

  • Use the "Media Downloads" dropdownlist next to the video.

  • Looks cool, but unfortunately, without a transcript, I can't get anything out of these videos, being hearing-impaired.  Is there a transcript or a similar whitepaper with this content?

  • Awesome video. Just what I was looking for, not so basic that you get nothing out of it, and not too advanced to leave someone unfamiliar with ASP.NET behind.

  • Awesome 101 Scott, thanks.

  • Please help! I'm trying to follow this video myself, copying code as I go...


    I've got up to the part where Scott creates a new Model & Controller for a class called Person, but when I try and create a strongly typed view for this class, it doesn't appear in the drop down list! I've double checked that all the type and namespace names haven't been altered.


    Is there anything obvious I might be doing wrong?


    Thanks in advance,


  • Never mind, I just needed to build the project before adding the view. All sorted!

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    Clint - I'm looking into transcripts or subtitles. However, most of this content is in Jon Galloway's MVC Music Store written tutorial: http://www.asp.net/mvc/tutorials/mvc-music-store-part-1

    Hope that helps!

  • Is there a version of this video without the humor?

  • Scott HanselmanGlucose Scott Hanselman

    LOL. There are profoundly dull and staid videos at http://www.asp.net/mvc for you and Ben Affleck.

  • Excellent introduction. very well thought out, expertly presented. Pity about some of the jokes though Big Smile

  • I'm more toward the static HTM pages consuming ASHX handlers via jQuery myself. This lends to a learning curve that can fork toward any OS / language choice as you just switch out ASHX for PHP or JSP, etc. MVC is on the right track but seems like you must learn unnecessary abstractions that take away from web programming itself but definitely a much better abstraction model than web forms which do more harm than good in terms of understanding.


    Was smart to show the call stack and the metaphor talk of technology to wake people up a bit.

  • Aaronatarikg Hardcore

    That was a great introduction for Asp.NET MVC.

    Thanks a lot...


    By the way, I think regular expression joke was awesome. Come on guys, propgramming w/o humor is just for nerds who live under ladders. We are social ones. At least I am... Cool

  • +1! Smiley

  • gr8 Scott. Loved it and started learning MVC from today and this is what i watched it 1st. Thanks

  • MaxOchiengMaxOchieng

    Best presentation, good for start.

  • 游客游客

    3 hours ago
    Best presentation, good for start.

  • Internet ConsultantInternet Consultant

    Best MVC Video i have ever seen

  • Pareen VataniPareen Vatani

    This is great way to teach stuff.
    excellent :)

  • Great

  • testtest

    Good Job.

  • Ali khaniAli khani

    Thanks, That's Great.

  • mvcmvc

    Thanks, That's Great.

  • PauloPaulo

    muito bom a video aula, parabéns!

  • Hyun Chocsjthomas csjthomas

    Great presentation! Thanks Scott!

  • PreethaPreetha

    Very nice presentation..easy to understand for newbies

  • BritBrit

    What happened to hi res videos?  These videos are useless to me, they are so fuzzy on screen as to be useles, I cannot seem to find any decent resolution ones either

  • GunterGunter

    boring, is developing a comedy for the fall of hair

  • Rob GreeneRob Greene

    What do you do when File -> New Project ford not have any MVC options? 
    I have Visual Studio 2010 and Framework V4 and no MVP options under the projects.  I can find no downloads for MVC for 2010 except for online templates for advanced things like OpenID-InfoCard RP
    How do I create a basic MVC app? 

  • ChevexChevex

    Sooooo many tangents. No wonder this video is over an hour long.

  • kannaiyankannaiyan

    Very nice , Great job

  • liuhuiliuhui


  • SamSam

    We get it, you are so NOT funny...

  • Pradeep kumarPradeep kumar

    It's a excellent to get an idea of mvc.is there any videos of using stored-procedures ling basic videos

  • ccfccf

    thanks very good

  • LeonidasLeonidas

    @saeidp:thnx super presentation...

  • DanDan

    I gave up on it, I dont have 5 minutes of bad jokes to spend for every 10 seconds of information.

  • Michael SmithzerMichael Smithzer

    Let me start by saying great video. Really helped my first steps into MVC (Microsoft View Control) lol. I have run into a small issue though. While following the video I tried to add a view to the "Person" folder. But, when trying to create the strongly typed view portion my model does not seem to be called into the drop-down list<View data class>. Any help would be great on the subject matter.
    Michael Smithzer, E Jr
    Jr.Developer / IT Professional

  • YangsqYangsq

    Basic to deep...

  • DLDL

    I really enjoyed this presentation :)Pleasant and Informative.
    - totally MVC beginner here


    i love it !!!!

  • AnkeshAnkesh

    Good Tutorial. Awesome.

  • NagamuraliNagamurali

    Great effort !!

  • Great Presentation. Very good presenter.

    Learning by reverse engeneering is the way to learn!

    Isnt there a WMV high quality video available? Like the Ninja version? Where can i get it? Txs

  • fatemefateme

    i am iranian. tanks site kheily khoby darin.

  • aminamin

    Thanks great video.

  • ZoolanderZoolander

    Cool story, Hansel !

  • Tun M HeinTun M Hein

    Really cool.

  • asishasish


  • dddd

    Thanks a lot .Your presentation is so super

  • BlueRajaBlueRaja

    For everyone wondering, the program he's using for text editing is Notepad++.  The program he's using to organize his desktop is Stardock Fences.

  • SurenSuren

    Excellent Presentation.

  • shivashiva

    Great presentation scott!! i loved it :)

  • LorenneLorenne


  • @Brit:We added the HQ videos again, Enjoy!

  • Madcoder2009Madcoder2009

    I for one really appreciate your humor.  Keep it up Scott.  Let them go watch the dry you tube version that puts you to sleep in 5 min.  Great job yet again.

  • The content and humor is what makes this excellent.  You don't like the humor and will be critical of this?  Then the solution is called pay for content.  Thank you, Scott for the contributions and all you do for the Dev community.

  • icelavaicelava Awake 24x7

    oh ok i get it, so tech sessions should ALWAYS be highly "disciplined", and remain dull and boring?

    Now i know where we get this reputation from... Wink


  • Abelardo CecenaAbelardo Cecena

    Great presentation, and good jokes too! Thanks a lot!

  • Thank you three circles! now I understand MVC!!

    Ooups! I meant "thank you Scott" Wink

    Cool presentation, Good humour and Great content Smiley Keep it up man!

  • Thank you so much of your pretty presentation

  • WillWill

    Great presentation. Scott understands that information which is hard to absorb is best delivered with a few crummy jokes and a Pepsi Max. I'll never be able to use the call stack again without thinking about the S-bend below the sink.  

  • MathewMathew

    can't read the code on this video.
    just crazy face of Hanselman...((

  • VckReddyVckReddy

    Good presentation and cool content.

  • Great presentation.

  • amitamit

    thanx scott. nice video

  • amitamit

    thanx scott. nice presentation

  • Alberto ColeAlberto Cole

    I found this guy annoying

  • FreFre

    I like his way of presenting the info. Might want to leave the semi-humorous comments home next time.

  • Thanks! Scott. Really nice presentation

  • Pradip Bobhatepradipbobha​te Pradip Bobhate

    Awesome... Scott

    Very well explained

  • dandan

    Great info but it seems like you're trying to come off cute and not pulling it off well.

  • MahsaMahsa

    hey Scott
    great presentation, waiting for your more presentation

  • SunshineSunshine

    Thanks for the show, it was fun, even though it seems the Dutch don't have much sense of humor!
    I see how MVC handles the separation of tasks well. This was a point that rails touted over PHP, and they are right. It keeps things cleaner. MVC is closer to HTTP than webforms. It seems that webforms is like building a house with prefab walls while MVC uses bricks and mortar.

  • Sandesh DaddiSandesh Daddi

    Thanks a lot....realy very very good presentation.....got to know basics...
    Scott you rock

  • Useless Sad I couldn't understand a thing !

  • Great session. Thanks a lot Scott..i was too late to start on ASP.NET MVC. Anyway I got best start with your vid. Thx again!

  • ShainalShainal

    Awesome intro! Thanks a million

  • Lord_LuncherLord_Luncher

    Great Presentation!
    I want to get more videos of you Scott about other Topics ^^

  • Robert GreenRobert Green

    Hey thanks Scott. This was an excellent re-introduction.

  • venkatvenkat

    i think the video needs to be a 20 min presentation rather 1.15 hrs with non technical bla bla bla.

  • daniel williamsdaniel williams

    Excellent presentation - thank you!

  • kenithkenith

    Excellent...... Thank you!

  • SpancoSpanco Pradeep

    Now i know what is MVC.

    Thanks you

  • manman

    Very good Scott

  • SofiaSofia

    Great presentation, Scott. I enjoyed the video and it gave me a better understanding of MVC.

  • RickpcSouzaRickpcSouza

    MUITO BOM >>>>> BRASIL AoVIVO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnJohn

     I think the video needs to be a 15 min presentation rather 1.15 hrs with non technical bla bla bla.
    You do know what is important and how to make the summry of  technical important thing.

  • miloszmilosz

    The "High Quality WMV" isn't really in high quality (I think it's the same as "Medium Quality WMV"). But the presentation is great - more of this guy, please! :)

  • JcartJcart

    Funny finding you on here Matthijs. Great video, almost didn't realize this was your blog. Regardless, thanks for sharing. Hope to see you on devnet!

  • great presentation! Angel

  • JParfaitJParfait

    I realy enjoy,
    Thanks a lot Scott, So God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • MarcMarc

    Parfait, inappropriate use of religion - keep it away from MVC, it's caused enough trouble.
    Great presentation.

  • MichielMichiel

    I just had to saw it twice but than it hits me... thank you it's very clear now.

  • Neo182Neo182

    Coolest ever Informative Presentation ever on ASP.NET MVC....Simply Perfect...!

  • SpikehSpikeh

    Thanks Scott, very helpful for the newbie to MVC. Long way to go I think :)

  • HabibHabib

    it is great!!!

  • HabibHabib

    Apr 11, 2010 at 11:18 PM, saeidp wrote
    Thans Scott, That was awesome
     Yes !!!!

  • Reem Al-SulimanReem Al-Suliman

    Thanks Mr.Scott, this is amazing session!

  • pravinpravin

    Perfect !!!!

  • RobRob

    I hate to be the guy to say this, but could you please stick to the content? This presentation could have been done in half the time. Trying to put a joke in every 30 seconds was VERY annoying....Leave the comedy to the comedians. 

  • SubratSubrat


  • Sumeet MadanSumeet Madan

    It's really grate... thanks.

  • Nicely done. Finally a geek I can understand. I agree with the simplification of not having to config the paths. Yet changes to the routing of a page requires a re-build/deployment as opposed to a simple iis restart when changing in web.config. Am I correct on this?


  • Billy NguyenBilly Nguyen

    @saeidp: Focus on the topic please.  We are not here to hear his stupid joke.

  • MiketMiket

    Great presentation. Demysifies many stumbling blocks for me although I still need to see a side-by-side presentation from MS where they show some responsibility in transistioning from WebForms upon which thousands of corporate sites have been built - to their new brainwave. Shouldn't be a nice-to-have should be a level 1 priority. Where do server controls fit in?
    Also, the need to break and spice things up with anecdotes and humour is so underrated as an important way to communicate complex information whilst maintaining interest as you do so naturally...
    As for the audience.. remind me to go to the Netherlands as the Beirut training ground when I hang up my keyboard to have a go at stand-up!. C'mon guys...

  • DaveDave

    @saitodisse: The only ? Not true..

  • Jeff Gochin Jeff Gochin

    Hi Scott,

    I have recently viewed a couple of your excellent videos on the Mircosoft's MVC platform and I am ready to drink the koolaide, but I have one problem. I want to be able to distribute the development across multiple developers with varying skill sets. To be specific, data guys, code junkies and web designers. I want to be able to have three projects (at minimum) a controller project the emits a class library assembly, a model project that emits a class library assembly and finally a web project that contains the views and all of the supporting asset. I have been googling my fingers off on this and found very little information supporting this technique. My guess so far is that the secret sauce is in the MapRoute method; specifically the version that takes an array of namespaces, but the documentation is weak in that area. Could you please provide me some guidance as to how to accomplish my design goals.

    Jeff Gochin
    (MCP, MCAD, Microsoft Small Business specialist, and all around good guy)

  • dddd

    Personally, other than removing the view state, I don't see what can be done here that can't be done in Web Forms.  I have been using a MVC with the business logic abstracted 100% from the view (aspx page) for years.  The aspx (Web Forms) can be just as "dumb" as the Views in MVC 2.0, but still have the ability to do more if required.  It looks as though Microsoft has done a great job on this MVC implementation, but this is presented as if you use Web Forms, you will inevitably have your logic in the aspx pages.  That doesn't have to be the case and the same level of abstraction and testability can be achieved using Web Forms.

  • Satyawan SinghSatyawan Satya

    Great Post. Thanks

  • jeetjeet

    @raylitalo:good comment............
    i like that.

  • KoushKoush

    Leave the comedy the professionals. I fastforwarded through half this video cause of Scott's incessant yammering.

  • RobRob

    Very informative and helpful, are all Americans this unfunny though?

  • Harjit SinghHarjit Singh

    Thanks Scott its really meaningful and helpful presentation.

  • Joe TurnerJoe Turner

    Helped me understand some of the thinking behind MVC when compared with WebForms approach.  Was interesting to see how easy it is to get things done.  Great presentation (and funny too!)

  • DareDare

    Quite insightful! Thanks a lot

  • MohsenMohsen

    thanks to scott a lot.we are waiting for other issues.

  • Awesome

  • JoeBarJoeBar

    Great stuff but i've got a slight concentration disorder and your jokes and anectodes, while not particularly unfunny, kept throwing me off and i had a bit of a hard time following along. Later on when you got to the meat and kept it to the matter i was really enjoying it and felt i had learned something at the end. Thumbs up.

  • Excellent!

  • babakbabak

    Great presentation :D
    tanx Scott

  • GanesanGanesan

    its cool

  • Gerardo Melendrezpayini Gerardo Melendrez

    Excellent presentation. Great content!

  • Soumen DeySoumen Dey

    I really like the last comment 'The Byke Vs Car'. Now it's clear to me there are space for both ASP.NET and MVC and a architect must decide which one to pick.

    Gr8 Demo, Thanks a lot Scott.

  • VidyaVidya

    Excellent presentation. At the end, car vs bike  explained the difference between ASP.NET formas and ASP.NET MVC

  • cyberseercyberseer

    20 minutes into it and he hasn't said almost anything about MVC. Just trying to be a stand up comedian. This is so unprofessional. Is he going to say anything? I'm seeing all other comments say it's a good presentation...

  • VincenzoVincenzo

    Is there a subtitled version please?

  • MickeyMickey

    An excellent job Scott, you are to be commended. The humour really helped too, as it's hard to keep concentration up without flagging and so allows bit of relax time to recharge and ensure you don't miss anything thru flagging concentration. Pity so many have missed that point.
    Hope other presenters take note, and if they still not got it then let me put it in code for them: 
    if( Presentation.Dull) Audience.GoToSleep();

  • LonaLona

    this kind of vids should have the ability to run 50% faster. Most of us don't have time to listen for 1hr strait.

  • LonaLona

    this kind of vids should have the ability to run 50% faster. Most of us don't have time to listen for 1hr strait.

  • OlivierOlivier

    Great job. Thanks.

  • chandrahaschandrahas

    fast way to learn something is by watching someone doing the thing u want to learn

    nice work bro keep on the got work

    beginner will pray's u for this kind of stuff

  • Great presentation. It is helpfull the comparison between Webforms and mvc to easily understand the differences as we need to use a different mental model to take advantage of mvc.



  • Suresh kumarSuresh kumar

    thanks for ur presentation , really cool explanations

  • BigBadBradBigBadBrad

    Pure genius style of lecture.  Nothing like laughing and actually enjoying a lecture on coding technologies. Nice to have access to intro material.  I value good intro stuff no matter how much of an expert I become.  There is always something to learn from hearing the ground floor discussion.  Please MAKE MORE!!!

  • BigBadBradBigBadBrad

    @ac160006 you're exactly the type of person that I look to weed out when I am interviewing for developers.  You need to learn from someone like Scott, not tell him what he did wrong.  A great lecture needs to entertain more than inform, otherwise you have sleeping people.  Small thinkers that do small things think like you.  When you're asked to lecture at a Microsoft event in Europe and that video is posted on a Microsoft website you will then have the right to critique.
    Scott please keep up the good work!

  • SuffiyanSuffiyan

    Beautifully Presented Scott.

    Thank you!!!

  • BruceBruce

    Loved it! Thanks adding the humor.

  • wilwil

    Was he drunk or is he always that eccentric? 

  • mercurymercury

    thank you .

  • SerkanCASerkanCA

    thanks Scott..

  • Len Len

    It would have been a big help if you could include a VB version, AND if you could use the same tutorials that you used in WebForms. And certainly, the jokes and long comments could have been omitted from the videos. Just my opinion.

  • MattMatt

    Great stuff! Only one criticism: too many digressions.  I found it distracting.  Other than that, only kudos to him.

  • LorenzoLorenzo

    did somebody download the video?, I tried so many times and nothing!... does somebody know where else I can download it?

  • UllaUlla

    Thank you - it is so entertaining while I'm still learning right here, at my desk - no need to travel - and the best part is that I can just go back if I missed a word! omg what I wouldn't give to be able to do that i RL!!!
    You're so funny and thank you for sharing that side :o)
    Kind regards, 
    @Lorenzo -  yes, I just rightclicked on the "High Quality WMV" link to the right, "Save link as"

  • jinzuwjinzuw

    very good !

  • AaronAaron

    Following along with this video but when I create the details view T4 does not create the div's with the fields filled in. Am I missing something?

  • RahulRahul

    Hands-down, the best talk on MVC !

  • RachelRachel

    I've got to agree with the comments about the distracting nature of the digressions and lame jokes contained in this video. I realise that it's unnerving to speak in from of a crowd and that can lead the under-prepared to ramble, but it detracts horribly from the purpose of the talk if it's filled with irrelevancies. It causes you to tune out through boredom, and miss the parts that were actually relevant. If you want to be a comedian, run for President; otherwise, please stick to the facts in what is meant to be an instructional video!

  • RobRob

    I disagree with Rachel. I'm always impressed with any public speaking, but adding humour always makes it work better for me.  Thanks Scott, very good presentation.

  • RachelRachel

    @Rob: Humour may well make a presentation work better. All I saw in this video was sarcasm and rambling anecdotes, though. When you're trying to get into 'absorb' mode whilst watching a learning resource, having the speaker digress for ten minutes about their wife's stupid ring does not help in any way. It's not entertaining, and it's not instructional: it fails on both counts. Watching this presentation was like watching a particularly cringeworthy episode of The Office. I gave up after 15 minutes when I when it became painfully obvious that it was only going to be about 10 minutes of actually relevant information interspersed with 60 minutes of Scott Hanselman's irrelevant egocentric ramblings.

  • ReynaldoReynaldo

    Excelent presentation but there is problems with silverlight and, I think Firefox 4, it freezes the browser when I try to switch to full screen mode, I download it finally.

  • ArunaAruna

    Awesome!!!! Thanks scott

  • simransimran

    Excellent!!!! Thank you Sir

  • Steve MSteve M

    Great presentation, Scott. Thanks very much. Enjoyed the humour, essential in any heavy topic. I think those that don’t have time for humour, probably need become more efficient. Perhaps MVC will provide them a solution?

  • SamuelSamuel

    This is awesome presentation.

  • SriniSrini

    This is simply great. Liked it very much

  • guys, this is a little out of date.

    watch the following one for the new one;


  • yatharthyatharth

    Perfecto.Nice prestentaion.Learned digging MVC2 in great way.

    Cheers :)

  • GirishGirish

    One quick question, why to create one model and one view model and copying data from one to other?
    If we need to protect some model data/method from getting accessed from view, we can have a view inheriting from interface.

    Well might be not perfect for all scenerios.


  • @Rob: Exactly! I am right now 5 minutes in the presentation and I feel I am going to stop watching it. I come here to learn new things not listen to clumsy jokes. Sorry mr Hanselmann, but the way You try to present this interesting subject sucks badly.

  • Brandon AhmadBrandon Ahmad

    Excellent Presentation. I think that you did a fine job and this is a classic lecture. This is coming from a programming instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer who has delivered classes to many programmers. Your style is great.

  • KenyiKenyi

    Thanks Scott. Great presentation.

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