ASP.NET MVC 2: Ninja Black Belt Tips by Scott Hanselman

Play ASP.NET MVC 2: Ninja Black Belt Tips by Scott Hanselman
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Having the customer on your back to deliver features on time and under budget with thight deadlines can make you feel you're being chased by ninjas on fire. Join Scott Hanselman and he'll walk through lots of tips and tricks to get the most out of the ASP.NET MVC's better productivity features as we make the most of several key features.


This session is presented by Scott Hanselman during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands.



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The Discussion

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    undoubtedly amazing. £******

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    Really good presentation. Well explained yet not formal and good choice of metaphors to help the viewer remember.

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    Really cool...

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    Hey Scott,


    Great presentation!


    Where can I find the neat DateTimePicker combo control?





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    Metal MilitiA

    hey all,

    gets the first language in the browser user languages in 'en-us' format...

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    Charles Onyango

    Phew! mixed bag of fun and confusion.

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    emmalin you should be able to grab out of the nerddinner sourcecode which is at

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    Great, learned a lot!

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    I really, really hate thight deadlines.

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    <i>really i m a fan........this guy....vry gud kind of teaching......vry easy 2 undsatnd......!!!!</i>

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    Sam Kuppusamy

    Totally amazing.

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    Great stuff but I just don't get it why this guy tries so hard to be funny? Since, he's so annoying.
    Just stick to the topic since it's great itself and leave standup comedian stuff for the freetime.

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    Would've liked to see the custom model binder stuff explained a bit better as that is a sore spot for me in MVC.  Also, LOVED the explanation of EditorFor and DisplayFor.  The EditorFor part though....would've loved to see the finished result of how to get the control's ID, etc etc.  Overall, a great followup to the basics talk.
    OH!  And....LOVED the Google it with Bing comment along with the jabs at the Windows Phone Series 7 (blah blah blah)  And Yes, I do believe that I used blah blah blah correctly there.  :)
    Thanks so much Scott!

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    Great presentation, I'm just introducing to MVC and lovin it!

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    Good work.

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    Great presentation.
    Had to chuckle when Scott said "Google it on Bing" Not sure whether that was deliberate but was quite ironic, because subtly it was advertising Google whilst trying to encourage Bing usage.
    But overall it covered lots of stuff and some great examples. Many thanks.

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    thight *!

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    Michal Franc

    Really awesome presentation. \o/

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    salman ansari

    @sreejithssnair: very great tutorials that inspires everyone to work with mvc

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