How we do Language Design at Microsoft: VB and C# by Lucian Wischik

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VB and C# together share about 50% of the “garbage-collected languages” market. I’ll talk about how we design these languages. Where do we get ideas? How do we incorporate new paradigms without breaking the existing languages? Where will we go in the future, and how will we get there? I’ll illustrate this talk with three main examples: how LINQ was introduced, how XML literals were introduced, and what we’re planning for concurrency.
Lucian is the Spec Lead for Microsoft Visual Basic in Redmond, USA. Before that he was a post-doc at the University of Bologna, working with Cosimo Laneve on implementing the pi calculus. And before that he did his PhD on the same topic, supervised Philippa Gardner in the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge.



This session is presented by Lucian Wischik during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands.



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The Discussion

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    still downloading it, but i think it's a very interesting topic, because its always a good experience to hear the true story of real life design and development process. and, linq and xml literals are cool stuff (from emeijer i think).

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    hey, just watched this outstanding presentation, its really a nice talk about the real pricinples, constraints and considerations in the designing of VB/C#, the reasons behind design decisions and the impacts of them, quite informative and deep, with some 'work in progress' designs, possible directions for the future, very cool. I think this should be on the front page.


    ideas like xml literals for 'anything' is impressive, and the 'async/await' keywords are evolved since the PDC09 talks, and I never realized that 'async' is heavily related to 'Rx', another cool struff by emeijer, wow.

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    Quite agree, that was one of the best talks I've seen in a while.  Even though I don't use VB I'm off to watch his other talk.

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    I always wondered 'what could Midori do here ??' when he's talking about constraints of the native operating system, mmm....

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    Lucian is a skilled presenter who presents the information in-depth. Thumbs up!

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    Can someone tell me where to get that syntax highlighter lucian has running in his instance of word.

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    That was an interesting video! I always like to listen to Lucian Wischiks presentations. He is, just as 'exoteric' said, a very skilled presenter.

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    Birchoff, you asked about the syntax highlighter in Word. There isn't one! I just select+copy text from VS2010 and paste it into Word2010.

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    great video!  thanks Smiley

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