How to leap over the parallel chasm: Using the Intel® Parallel Studio to develop, test and tune parallel code.

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Despite the abundance of multicore PCs, the software world has yet to catch up with the parallel world. Application developers are under pressure to write applications that make use of the extra processing power available from the latest generation of multicore CPUs. The question is not when but how. In this session learn how to use Intel® Parallel Studio to introduce parallelism into your applications. The session includes a live ‘hands-on’ demo of how to use Parallel Studio to analyze where to add parallelism, how to compile and debug parallel programs, how to spot hard-to-find memory and threading errors, and finally how to tune parallel applications for maximum performance. Intel Parallel Studio consists of four products Intel® Parallel Advisor, Intel® Parallel Composer, Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier. This presentation demonstrates how these tools can be used end-to-end in the development cycle.

This video is recorded at the Dutch DevDays in Den Haag The Netherlands in June 2009. DevDays is the largest industry event for developers in the Netherlands. Thousands of professional developers visit DevDays yearly to keep in touch with the latest developments in their field.



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