Server Free Solutions: Sandboxed and Client-Only Solutions with SharePoint 2010

Play Server Free Solutions: Sandboxed and Client-Only Solutions with SharePoint 2010
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Want a customised SharePoint experience but not the custom code headaches? Have a hosted SharePoint environment but need a custom solution to meet a specific business requirement? This session will explore a variety of ways to create a customised SharePoint experience without touching your server.

This session is presented by Daniel McPherson during SharePoint Connections 2010 in Amsterdam.


Daniel “Point2Share” McPherson has been involved in SharePoint since attending the first public announcement of project “Tahoe” at the Microsoft Technical Briefing in January 1999. It has had a profound impact on his career, taking him to the doorstep of hundreds of companies, of all shapes and sizes, in a range of industries and in over 25 different countries. He’s worked on projects that create solutions, evaluate possibilities, deploy to tens of thousands of users and fix problems when the sirens are sounding. After 10 years at Microsoft, spent mostly in Microsoft Consulting Services, he co-founded zevenseas (, a boutique consultancy focused solely on the SharePoint platform, and is having more fun than ever before. You can find Daniel blogging at: or on twitter:



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