Silverlight 4 for Desktop Developers by Ingo Rammer

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Silverlight 4 has truly changed the game for business applications. In this session, Ingo shows you how you - as a developer of desktop business applications - can combine Silverlight with WCF RIA (Rich Internet Application) services to allow easy access to your data and business logic. You will learn how you can use these tools together with the Entity Framework to implement powerful "never-repeat-yourself" validation which is used on client and server side, and how RIA Services generally simplify client/server interactions. Ingo will also show you how the resulting Silverlight application can run outside of browser and can use your printer (and other hardware) to the maximum. 



This session is presented by Ingo Rammer during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands.



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The Discussion

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    thanks Ingo with excellent presentation!

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    Thank You Ingo,

    Your Presentation was " by far"  one of the best ones on SL4


    Do you have the source code for the Bussiness Application on this presentation .. I went to your site , but is not there



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    Johan Sundstrom

    This is an excellent presentation!


    I just loved the way you pointed out stuff that are frequently used in LOB applications.





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