The Evolution of SharePoint from two Pet Projects to a Multi-Company Ecosystem

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This is the story of SharePoint told by former MS employee Mike Fitzmaurice who worked on every version of SharePoint, even before we called it SharePoint. Where did we start with SharePoint, how and why did we get to the point where  SharePoint 2010 is today. Not just a product from Microsoft, but a great platform, the centre of the universe with a huge partner ecosystem.

And only Mike would tell this in front of 700 people wearing a kilt:)

Btw, the t-shirt he is wearing is from the very first SharePoint conference in 2003 (200 attendees). It's from the World Web Part Federation Smackdown event!

This was the keynote of the SharePoint Connections 2010 Event in Amsterdam in January of 2010. Search for the spc10 keyword for the rest of the sessions.



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