What's new in Silverlight 4: Part 2 by Mike Taulty

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In this session we’ll take a demo-based approach to exploring the top new features that come with Silverlight 4. We’ll take a look at the capabilities that combine to make Silverlight great for business applications with key features like printing, copy-paste, clip-board access and the possibility to relax the security sandbox for out-of-browser applications in order to better integrate with the software stack on the local machine. We’ll also take a look at the other core capabilities like webcam and microphone integration, greatly improved data-binding, Visual Studio 2010 support and a lot more. Come along and get a picture of what Silverlight 4 provides as a platform for Rich Internet Applications in 2010.



This session is presented by Mike Taulty during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands.



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    Trying to download this but the server keeps resetting. Any tips? Is the file too big for the C9 server to handle?

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    Which version? the High Quality is 1.3Gb large. Seems to work for me at the moment.

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    MWV (High)...always Smiley


    Trying again. Have mentioned this before and see this a lot, others get it too. It will just get to x%, and you'll get a server reset error, like the C9 servers are doing something fnuky with large files.


    Will keep updated...at 7% with 29m left...


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    I see ecn in the Url. Could it be choking in the content delivery servers?

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    Is it possible to get the demo solution/source code for all Mike presentations?

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