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Deze presentatie gaat over application compatibility voor Windows7. Er wordt overzicht gegeven van UAC, IE 8, Windows7 logo certificatie, en Windows Error Reporting. Tijdens de presentatie worden de meest voorkomende applicatie blokkers behandeld zoals het schrijven naar 'program files' en op de verkeerde plekken in registry.

Deze video is opgenomen tijdens de DevDays in Den Haag in juni 2009. DevDays is het grootste evenement op het vlak van softwareontwikkeling en -architectuur in Nederland. Duizenden development professionals bezoeken dit jaarlijkse evenement om in twee dagen weer volledig op de hoogte te zijn van alle ontwikkelingen op hun vakgebied.

Here is a link to the English version of this talk:



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The Discussion

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    Wait, why are these video titles such as this 'Windows 7 Application Compatibility' in english if the description and content isn't? Besides as far as I know, if you do this type of work in Europe (DEVdays), you are expected to know some english anyway so might as well do the presentation without those awful attempts at translating technical terms so that not even native speakers can figure out what you are talking about. eg. I find reading the MS KB articles which are translated really difficult in my native language. It's no wonder average users have trouble with computers when they have to read translated manuals where the translator just invented new words.


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    Sorry about the title. That one is hard to translate Smiley It was a dutch event where we shot the videos. So the content was done in Dutch on purpose. I'll try to watch the titles so ppl aren't confused and click the links by accident.

    One question for you though: Do you want an english version of this presentation? Do you miss English Win7 App Compat content on Channel9 or from Microsoft in general? I can always ask Paul to shoot another presentation in English.

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    I think there was already a english video on app compat. I would be interested to know if there's some resource that lists what changes are applied by each Vista compat setting in the Win7 executable properties. 

    Also I noticed that clicking on the "Blend 3" tag on one of your videos only brought the Dutch videos with that exact tag. Removing the 3 from the tag brought the full list of Blend related videos.

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