70-697: Configuring Windows Devices

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    Todd Lamberth

    I would like to know if there is a place I can download the PowerPoint presentation that was in the video. I am currently studying for he exam and have the book ordered, but feel that the PowerPoint presentation could really supplement this learning. I an not able to find a PowerPoint library or anything on the Channel 9 website. Please feel free to contact me with you have any further questions.

    Thank you.

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    Fantastic video
    I spent ca. 1h to learn that
    1. I have to learn some material
    2. somehow
    3. to be able to answer some questions
    4. it is best if you know some PS commands to achieve certain goals
    5. but there si one thing to help you - you can build VMs
    6. oh there is another thing that can help although "it is not used widely by IT" (a mentioned in the video) - netsh
    So learn hundreds of outputs of netsh. Thos who can think no worries you can check that in cmd - not on exam though

    "Why I said this was not correct answer? (netsh)" Because these questions are bunch of confusing crap.

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    About the Netsh question, the answer to you have given is wrong! netsh wlan show networks, only shows the networks but it doesn't show the signal strenght. Answer C does show that and suits the question more likely.


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    Good presentation to make you aware of the topic to be covered in this exam.
    However!. It is full of inaccuracies in the sample questions. Some have already been pointed out. Here's a couple more.

    The "Remote Manager Users" group does NOT have Remote Desktop Access by default. This group gives remote access to WMI via the WS-Manage tools and is for remote administration not remote desktop.

    Azure RemoteApp question:
    The question stated the users wanted to "Run" the app on the Windows, IOS and Android devices. The only way to do this is to repackage for each OS and deploy using the store, which is one of the answers. If RemoteApp was the answer the question should say "Access" the App.

    God help us if the real exam is full of such inaccuracies !

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    As for the 2 way mirror question at the 34 minute mark, the possibility of adding additional storage was not within the parameters of the question. I hope Microsoft does a better job than that at explaining the situation and the intent before expecting us to answer correctly.

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    Where is this video on MVA? looked all over for it. Did want to get the points. 

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    PPT Presentation please! ;)

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    How can i get the PPT document, is this video is on MVA?

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    Doug Spindler

    At 23:40 I will disagree.

    Question asks if a "device can locate the wireless network". netsh command can not be used to locate wireless networks it only displays what the WAPs the device is receiving a broadcast beacon from. None of the netsh commands provide the location of a wireless network only the presence of a wireless network.

    The question is about poor wireless coverage so why not use the netsh command which provides information about the signal wireless signal strength? Why isn't one of the answers netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid?

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    Doug Spindler

    Update (59:50) Microsoft's Second Shot has ended and has been replaced with Five Shot. Until the offer expires Microsoft is allowing you everyone five attempts to pass an exam for additional extra fee.

    Pay to take the exam. If you fail no problem, you have four more free attempts.

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