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In the "modern" world of 2007 fewer and fewer people are building the XML representation of an RSS feed "by hand" as most blogging and podcasting software now handles this function.  However, if you're a software developer, want "full control" over your feed or you're doing something somewhat out-of-the-ordinary with RSS, as we do at Project Glidepath, you need the tool we use, FeedForAll, which creates, edits, uploads, downloads, and even error checks RSS data; a tremendous time saver.

Created by the folks at NotePage, Inc., a MicroISV based in Hannover, MA, FeedForAll, which is available for both Windows and Mac, is the ultimate tool for "hand-rolling" RSS feeds.  It gracefully handles all of the date-stamp issues (which is a *big* deal), understands all the iTunes XML idosyncrancies as well as includes a WYSIWYG HTML editor you can use to edit the description fields and even has built-in image editing functions.

FeedForAll even includes support for XSLT style sheets that can be used to control how an RSS feed is displayed if someone looks at it using a web browser (i.e. nicely formtted as opposed to just raw XML).

I've been using FeedForAll for more than a year now and it certainly passes the "7 Day Software" test rating a "Highly Recommended".

p.s. The NotePage, Inc. folks also other interesting products including a podcasting-creation tool RecordForAll that you might want to check out.

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