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Hello there...I'm Michael Lehman, Technology Evangelist at Microsoft for MicroISVs.  MicroISVs are self-funded, independent software developers who build useful applications that enhance and supercharge your computing experience.

Starting this week, I'll be writing a regular review of a useful and productive application that we think is worth your time... something that has stood the test of the "7 Day Rule".  Jesse started down this path last year but, as happens, got involved with other things and now it's time to fire it up again... so here we go!
All the applications we'll feature will be ones that either I, or someone on the 10 team have personally installed and used.  We will be featuring applications that run on Windows, Microsoft web technologies (ASP.net & Silverlight) and Windows Mobile.

If you know of, or make, an application you think I should feature drop me an email and I'll check it out.

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