EU Innovation Day: Mobile Living

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Another glance in the future and at the same time an example of a real experiment in South Africa, this time coming from the Cambridge department of Microsoft’s Research heaven. In this demo, we’re being introduced to how mobile communication can help spread information in regions where broadband is not as penetrated as it is in the Western hemisphere, through content delivery over the mobile network. Another part of the demo takes us through the concept of ‘living tomorrow’, focusing on how families would communicate in the future. So the story as it goes on the one hand is how ‘public’ communication works, when strangers request and share information. On the other hand, the communication happens in a closed group, e.g. a family, where all members know each other. The level of communicating is different, more personal. I really like where this is going, and I am wildly enthusiastic about a touchy interface in my house like that. That is so cool. At least to me, it beats the regular message board or giant cork pin cushion in the kitchen which is mostly overstacked with post-it notes anyway. The future is looking better and better!

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