EU Innovation Day: Video Collage

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On December 4th, Carrie Longson and I got a booth on the exhibition floor to demo Silverlight and some cool applications that have been created with it so far. Apart from the fact that Carrie totally rocks with her demos, we got a quite a bunch of people that dropped by our booth and we showed off some superb cases of the Silverlight website, whilst talking about the benefits of Silverlight, both from a developer as from a consumer point of view. In between demos, I walked around a bit and went to interview and record the cool things that were on display. Below is an interview with the rep from MS Research Asia (Bejing, China). He brought with him an impressive piece of software that is called ‘Video Collage’. What it does is: it analyses the movie you upload into the tool, then it makes an image of all significant frames in the video and blends them in nicely so it forms some sort of thumbnail cloud. This gives you an overview of what is in the movie, and if you clip an image, you get taken instantly to that specific part of the movie. Nice work!

Video: Video Collage

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